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YC Psychologists




We are mental health professionals that offer services in Edenvale, Germiston and surrounding areas. We are passionate about empowering people to live their lives with insight, peace and contentment. We aspire to provide a warm, supportive and open environment that is non-judgmental. 


Services are offered in person or digitally via Zoom, depending on the client's preference.

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Using both narrative and psychodynamic approaches, our therapists implement various methods to help clients develop a new understanding of the self, their partner and of the relationship in order to repair and enhance the relationship.

Career Counselling and Assessment

Career counselling and assessments for both adults and high school learners with regards to : 

  • School subject choice

  • Deciding on further education or training, and

  • Career changes and suitability

In therapy, we work collaboratively with clients to solve current problems and help them understand how they interact with their world. we aim to help clients  to think differently about their problems and provide them with valuable tools to cope with life’s obstacles.

Scholastic assessments for high school learners (teenagers) for various reasons such as:

  • understanding poor academic performance and 

  • Diagnosing learning disorders


Group Therapy sessions provide clients with a platform to learn and share from other individuals facing the same or similar issues. The aim is to help clients support each other in their journey of healing and self-discovery.

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